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Clothes drying tips you don't know

Clothes drying tips you don't know

Company news
2018/09/06 18:20
  Washing and drying clothes is a small thing that we often do in our lives, but we often make a brand new clothes turn yellow and wrinkle because of improper operation. How to dry it? Originally, different materials have different drying requirements. Today, Xiaobian represents the clothing manufacturers to tell you how to dry clothes!
  How to dry cotton clothes
  Before the cotton clothes are dried, you can use a washing machine to dry. When drying, you should turn the clothes over and dry them out and try to flatten the clothes until they are not wrinkled. If it is pure cotton clothes, it should be dried to 80% dry, take it down and fold it flat, then dry it will be as smooth as ever.
  How to dry silk clothes
  Silky clothing should be placed in a cool place to dry and avoid exposure to prevent the silk from turning yellow after exposure. Do not twist, do not dry.
  Silky clothes should avoid alkaline detergents. Neutral or silk special detergents should be used.
  How to dry jeans
  Try not to wring the jeans, but also hang up when dripping, and make the pants into a barrel, which is more conducive to ventilation and faster.
  The same jeans should not be exposed to strong light, and it is not appropriate to use the iron, otherwise it will easily deteriorate.
  How to dry the sweater
  Wrap the washed sweater with a water-absorbent, clean dry towel, squeeze out most of the water, then gently spread the woolen sweater with your palm to flatten to no wrinkles, and let it dry in a ventilated place. Do not illuminate with strong light to avoid fading.
  The washed sweater is as smooth as ever, more flexible and more comfortable to wear.
  How to dry white clothes
  If the white clothes are exposed to strong sunlight or exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to yellow. This is because the fluorescent dye contained in the laundry detergent remains on the clothes. After a day of sun exposure, the fluorescent dye absorbs a lot of sunlight, which will make the clothes Turn yellow. Therefore, it is best to dry in a cool, ventilated place, and immediately put away the clothes.
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